Whether you’re stepping into the boardroom or simply stepping into your day, confidence is the key to feeling great, performing your best, living a great life, and inspiring others to do the same. 

But it’s not always easy to find your swagger and keep that pep in your step, is it?  Especially if you’ve recently encountered obstacles, losses or challenges that may have knocked you off track.

Fortunately, we humans are surprisingly simple creatures. As such, we respond well to triggers and cues, especially when it comes to shifting our mindset. 

To that end, here are a few quick confidence boosters for you to use any time your confidence needs a boost. 

They work. I promise.

1. Sit Up Straight

Your mom was right, good posture is important. But it’s just not a matter of keeping a hunchback at bay…when you sit or stand tall, you feel better. Slumping or slouching inhibits your breath, slows the function of your organs, and makes you feel cruddy.  Good posture on the other hand, helps more oxygen flow to your lungs, eliminates body aches, and just plain ‘ole feels better.

And try this – today when you talk on the phone, stand instead of sit. Stand tall, walk around, and notice the renewed power and confidence in your voice.

2. Throw Your Hands Up

In many cultures winning is usually followed by hands thrust into the sky in a wide V. It’s a natural physical reaction.  Who knows which came first, but there’s a direct correlation between throwing your hands in the air and feeling like a winner. Behavioral scientists have identified this posture as “The Power Stance.” Try it right now to get a boost. Hold it for 1 minute and you’ll be unstoppable for the rest of the day. 

3. Pump Up the Jams

Cultures all around the world have ritualistic and ceremonial dances.  Sports stars plug in their favourite music before the big game. Professional speakers and entertainers play their ‘pump up’ tunes before they go onstage. 

Music has a profound ability to physiology shift your mood, so put together a playlist of your favourite tunes and listen to it daily.  Add in some movement for an even greater impact on your overall well-being. And for an even greater boost, sing your favourite songs loud and proud. You might get a few funny looks from the ones you love, but so what.  Perhaps they’ll join in too!

4. Speak Positivity into Your Day  

As you are getting ready for work, making breakfast, or driving in the car, speak out loud and with conviction of how good you feel, how much you are going to accomplish, how you are going to make a difference for others, and how you will show love for your friends, family and colleagues.  Speak as if you are a coach in the locker room giving yourself a pep talk to go out and win the game.

Whatever you do, get out there and let the world know who you are. It’s time. 

How will YOU step into your confidence TODAY?

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