Aron Ralston had a difficult choice to make. 

A few days before this choice, he got off of work and headed to the hills for a weekend of climbing, hiking and adventuring in the sun. He didn’t tell anyone where he was going or when he would be back, he simply unplugged and took off. 

While navigating a tricky slot-canyon, he accidentally dislodged a bolder, which sent him, and the rock, careening into a narrow crevice. The bolder landed on him, pinning his arm to the hard sandstone wall. He was trapped. 

After a few brutal days in isolation, depleted of both food and water, Aron knew that he had to make a choice…his life or his arm. The only way to make it out of the canyon and back to civilization was to perform self-surgery, amputating his arm just below the elbow. Working slowly and painfully with a small multi-tool from his belt, he freed himself, then rappelled down a 65-foot cliff to the main trail, where he flagged down a family that called in the rescue team.

Aron tells us today that once he knew what he had to do,

the painful process itself actually filled him with hope and joy.

Most of us are not faced with these kinds of life-or-death choices on a daily basis, if ever. However, when you’ve got a massive project on your desk, or an important, timely decision to make, you probably feel an overwhelming sense of dread, and maybe even borderline panic. In the face of these feelings, it’s easy to become frozen, or find less-pressing tasks to occupy your time. 

The good news is, the decision to act is often the hardest part. After that, it’s just a matter of taking one step after another until the job is done. 

The life that you want…that you deserve…is on the other side of whatever difficult choice you’re facing right now. Don’t wait any longer. 

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