The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”

~ Samuel Johnson

Have you ever noticed that no matter how much weight and importance you give your dreams and goals, some can seem almost impossible to get started on?

While we could go deep into the psychology of accomplishment, fear, success and failure, the answer may be much simpler. You might simply have an ingrained habit of procrastination.

The trouble with habits is that they can run so deep that you’re not even aware of them. It no longer feels like choice…it’s just the way things are.


Instead of being “a person who is procrastinating,” you become “A Procrastinator.”


Habits develop for two reasons. Number one is that the chosen behaviour feels good. You drink your coffee because it’s delicious and you like the energy it gives you. You check Facebook because you like the feeling of connecting with your friends. The behaviour works once, so you do it again.

The second reason is that patterns make life easier. Doing things the same way requires less effort than trying something new, and our brains are built for efficiency. The more you do something, the more your mind believes that you’re supposed to keep doing it.

Fortunately, not all habits have to be bad ones.  You can create new patterns and form new habits that are positive, healthy and move you forward in life. You don’t have to be “A Procrastinator” any longer.


You Can Escape the Chains and Retrain Your Brain


Recognising that you have a habit of procrastinating, choose a new habit to replace it with.  It will take a while, but if you do this over and over, your mind will begin to automatically respond to challenge with proactivity.  Putting things off won’t even feel like an option any more.

Don’t let your bad habits define you, defeat you, or limit your future. Your life is too important to live in bondage. And chances are, there’s something you can take action on right now.


How will you liberate yourself from procrastination today?


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