During the Vietnam War, the Viet Cong soldiers were especially adept at ambushes. Their most successful ambushes utilised an “L” shaped design, because it allowed for maximum coverage of the space inside of the “L.”  This was a HUGE problem, and American soldiers fell at unprecedented levels.  Something had to change.

U.S. forces implemented a new strategy that required the soldiers to immediately counter-attack the ambush without hesitation, and charge forward through the line of Viet Cong before seeking cover.  Army statistics showed that any hesitation in the counterattack resulted in massive U.S. casualties.  The only way to survive was to immediately charge the attackers and continue through the line until safely behind the enemy.

This new battle plan proved to be a great success.  The number of U.S. casualties was reduced dramatically, and hundreds of American lives were saved.

Sometimes work can feel a lot like battle. Unexpected challenges pop up like ambushes, and the workload itself can feel like an opposing force, fighting for time against your pet projects and weekend plans. Fortunately, the lessons learned in war can help you become more efficient in other areas of your life.

When your boss drops a sales presentation on your desk, your website crashes, or your child gets sick, you can hesitate, you can hunker down and hide, and soon the problem will become bigger than you can handle.

OR, you can go on the offensive, take immediate action and come out on top.

Your day-to-day reality may not present life-or-death challenges, but your quality of life is on the line, and that’s worth fighting for.

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