Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick, one of the most well-known stories of all time.  He also suffered from chronic procrastination for the entirety of his career.  However, he knew how to get a handle on his bad habit…he had his wife chain him to his writing desk so he could finish his work (Yes! It’s true!).  Herman knew that if he was going to accomplish his life’s work, he had to have a plan in place to combat his debilitating habit of procrastination.  Conventional methods simply wouldn’t do the job.

Victor Hugo, author of Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, also went to extreme measures to finish his personal and professional assignments. Hugo was notorious for writing in the nude.  His ordered his valet to keep all clothing away from him until he was done writing for the day.  This ensured he would not leave the house until he had accomplished what he set out to do.

Accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your dreams takes dedication, commitment, and sometimes a touch of insanity.

Here are 3 effective ways to help you create a sustainable strategy for success, and that won’t have the authorities come knocking…


  1. Know Thyself

You have triggers that easily distract you. Maybe it’s the social media rabbit hole, or perhaps it’s the snack break that turns into meal-planning for the week. Take stock of the triggers that get you off track and be ready for them before they arise.


  1. Dedicate & Commit

Whether you chain yourself to your desk, work naked, or keep chocolate in your desk drawer as a reward for finishing your assignments, find a way to remain dedicated and focused until your tasks are complete.


  1. Outsmart Your Deadline

Deadlines are scary, but you can beat them by getting ahead of them.  Do more work than is required today, so you start out ahead tomorrow. Then do the same tomorrow.  By the time your deadline arrives, you’ll be leisurely polishing your finished project.


Whether you use conventional or unconventional methods to get things done, you can overcome your procrastination if you come up with a plan and a strategy for success. It doesn’t have to be gruelling. In fact, with a little creativity, it can become a lot of fun.

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