It’s inevitable…at some point in the pursuit of your passions, goals and dreams, you’re going to get tired, frustrated and completely overwhelmed. And in some cases, you will want to give up. 

This is your moment of truth. Will you do as so many others do, and quit before you reach the finish line? Or…will you see it through to the end and bring your dreams to life? 

The desire to quit is perfectly natural. History is filled with tales of people in exactly this predicament. After all, humans have only so much energy available at any given moment. However, history also shows that pushing past our perceived limitations is the only way to discover how powerful we truly are.

If you are near your breaking point and ready to walk away, here are 3 time-tested tips to help you regain some personal energy and see clearly once again.

1. Rest.

Resting is a lost art in our current culture of go-go-go. The constant demands we place on ourselves can fry our internal operating systems. Naps, baths, massages, meditation, or mini-vacations are all easy ways to gain new strength and fresh ideas.  

2. Zoom Out…

When you are focused intently on achieving a specific goal, it is easy to forget why you’re doing so. Zoom out to remember your values, mission, and how your current actions connect to the bigger picture. What is your end game? Quit looking at the bark, and behold the beauty of the forest.

3. Then Zoom Back In.

Looking at the big picture too long can also have its downside.  It can feel too big, and create confusion around where to start and what to do, and this can lead to overwhelm.  So once you are clear on your “why,” zoom back in to focus on ONE simple thing you can do to move in the direction of your dreams. Dive in, get it done, then rest for a moment before doing it again. 

Everyone faces frustration, overwhelm and exhaustion. How you handle yours determines the accomplishments you will make in life, and the tales you get to tell tomorrow. 

How Will You Press on Today?

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