Life is full of naysayers. These people, most often, are discouraged souls who didn’t take consistent action toward the achievement of their dreams, so now they run around trying to keep others from achieving their dreams too.

Unfortunately, these external discouragers mimic the cries of your internal naysayer, and that makes it easy for them to get in your head. Listening to naysayers creates a lot of doubt, hesitation, and procrastination…and these will rob you of your dreams. If you’re worried that other people will sit on the side-lines and critique your every effort, ridiculing each failure and downplaying every success, it’s easy to get discouraged.

Fortunately, you can ignore them.

Those voices never stop, but you can stop listening to them. When you get busy in the pursuit of your goals, you reach a point when you have no time for naysayers.

Here’s a promise you can count on…people reach greatness every day, and you can too. Your goals don’t have to wait until you have more money, more experience or more time. They can be achieved now, and you can start working toward them today.  There’s no need to wait any longer.

Here are 3 easy ways to ignore the naysayers in your life:

1.     Make Your Project Your Top Priority

Your unique vision is your life’s work.  Place its importance far above the negative opinions of everyone else, even of those you trust and love.  Once you get started, you’ll be surprised by how many naysayers become supporters.

2.     Imagine Your Life 100 Steps Down the Line

Always wanted to paint?  Visualize yourself as a master painter, creating works of art that will last forever. A writer?  Imagine the Pulitzer sitting on your desk as you are typing your 12thbestseller. Visualizing yourself having achieved your goal is a powerful tool will drastically change your approach.

3.     Redefine Yourself

Instead of telling people what you may someday want to do, introduce yourself as that person. “I am a writer,” or “I am a painter.” Like it or not, people have more respect and support for doers than dreamers.  And after all, aren’t you already a sculptor on the inside?  Know who you are, then get to work.

How will YOU ignore the naysayers today?

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