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Coach and NLP trainer Dr Eva Mantzourani


In this workshop, you will learn how you can use NLP in different aspects of your life. The workshop has been designed to teach you straightforward and proven NLP tools, which will enable you to set and achieve your goals more effectively, improve your communication, overcome internal and external obstacles and create more choice in your life.


This workshop has been designed to introduce you to the simple, life-transforming tools of NLP. You will learn how to apply them to yourself to improve your self-awareness, and also within a straightforward coaching framework to help others either at work or at home.


This workshop has been designed to give you effective NLP skills and techniques which will help you to improve: Communication, Leadership, Presentations, Personal Effectiveness, Sales, Negotiation and Persuasion.


This course has been developed to provide educators (teachers, lecturers and other education providers) with a range of proven NLP skills to work with the people in their charge. These skills and techniques will increase the learner’s effectiveness at a personal level and in their working environment.


“I attended the seminars for NLP Practitioner programme with Dr. Eva Mantzourani. The programme combined theoretical and practical modules, and I understood the power of NLP through the application of the exercises and personal experience.



Dr Eva Mantzourani

Working with Dr Eva Mantzourani will contribute towards your own continuous professional development.

I hold the CPD Standards Office accredited coach status which enables me to award my clients with an individual certificate confirming the number of hours that we have worked together. This can be used towards your own CPD requirements for your professional membership bodies and your organisation.

The accreditation is recognised and respected internationally.
Upon successful completion of a training programme, formal CPD Standards certificates will be issued which are accepted in a multitude of countries and across all professional sectors. This means that a professional attending “Ithaca’s” accredited CPD training activity, both inside and outside of the UK, can receive a CPD Certificate of Attendance, which can then be used towards their national CPD requirements.

Whilst based in the UK, the CPD Standards accreditation operates internationally and meets the CPD requirements and expectations for all professional bodies, regulators and membership organisations across the globe. There are many positive benefits from utilising a British, research led accreditation.

Dr Eva Mantzourani
Founder, Ithaca Global Coaching Academy


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