Do you think of yourself as a leader? Do you enjoy leading? As you were growing up, did people tell you that you had natural leadership qualities?

If you don’t see yourself as a leader, know that you are leading and probably not even knowing it. Why? Because we are all leaders simply because of our influence.

Whatever you believe, think, value, feel, or say influences your behaviour. All these are the result of your mindset and your mindset affects the impact you have.

This attitude determines much of our behaviour, and our behaviour produces specific results. If we are the leaders of our lives, in our work, and in our relationships, the results we get matter very much. Are we getting the results or having the impact we want, or are we experiencing unwanted results and outcomes?

By looking at the relationship between our mindset, our behaviour, and our impact we can integrate all three components in an effective and satisfying way. We can incorporate leadership qualities and engage in leadership behaviours that generate the results we really want.

Your impact may be subtle, or it may be profound; it may be small, or it may be big; it may be obvious or not so obvious; it may be positive, neutral, or negative.

Observe your impact as it’s reflected back to you, observe your actions as you carry them out, and observe your mindset as it fills your thoughts and shapes your attitudes. With this model you have an ever-ready tool to use any time that you are not getting results you desire.

That’s a tool worth keeping in your toolbox, wouldn’t you say?

As always thank you for reading this and sharing it. Feel free to read more on my blog page.

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