An art teacher once divided his class into two groups.

The first group’s assignment: Create a masterpiece. They had 3 weeks…plenty of time to develop their brilliant ideas into perfectly polished pieces, worthy of the finest museums and galleries.

The second group’s assignment: Work steadily for 3 weeks. Don’t worry about perfection, just make mistakes, learn from them and keep going.

At the end of the 3 weeks, the first group came in exhausted and tattered, carrying pieces that were half-completed, and nowhere near masterpiece status. They had started with great ideas but grown frustrated with their limitations and given up.

The second group arrived to class chipper and full of life, most of them carrying what could easily be considered masterpieces.

They had allowed the creative process to move through them, they had experimented and had fun.

Mistakes are not only how we learn but is simply the natural order of things. “Failure” is just another way of saying, “figure out what doesn’t work.” Fortunately, along the way you also figure out what DOES work. The trick is to just GO FOR IT.

What mistakes can YOU make TODAY?

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