Coach and NLP trainer Dr Eva Mantzourani

coaching training: Level 3

LEVEL 3: Coaching for Personal and Professional Development: Becoming a Successful Coach

At Level 2, the programme has been designed as a guided process that raises the participants’ self-awareness, helps them discover their full potential, inspires and motivates them to achieve powerful goals and introduces them to the coaching process.

The participants will be given comprehensive tools and taught coaching techniques to assist them in unlocking their potential and innate talents and stay focused and inspired towards achieving their personal goals.

The programme builds on and strengthens the knowledge acquired at Level 1 and provides the tools, skills and techniques that enable participants to apply effectively a coaching process that builds their confidence and leads to successful personal and professional outcomes.

Participants are expected to participate in group activities, peer-to-peer coaching, complete homework tasks and work towards their agreed goals and action plan.


Course pre-requisite: Completion of Coaching programme at Level 2.


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