Goal Mapping For Business

What is Goal Mapping?

Goal Mapping for Business
Unlock the potential of your people

Goal Mapping is a powerful tool for an organisation and its people to work together to capture and define a shared vision and turn business goals and targets into realities. It is a tried, tested, proven and popular method for setting and achieving goals in any area of life, in business, and in any endeavour, either individually or collectively. What makes it so effective is the way it engages both your creative ‘right brain’ and your analytical ‘left brain’.

Often when we make plans we tend to use only the latter, more logical type of thinking. This is important because we need to ‘think things through’ and make sure what we are doing is viable. But left brain thinking also overlooks the powerful motivational role that our subconscious mind plays in achieving our goals.

Utilizing a powerful and unique combination of words and pictures to activate both the left and right brain, Goal Mapping stimulates whole-brain activity, communicates clearly to the subconscious, and harnesses the intrinsic aspects necessary for any kind of conscious, intended success. The 7 Steps of Goal Mapping guide the user to success through consideration of ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘when’, ‘how’, and ‘who’ will move you forwards.

Goal Mapping takes each person through the process of identifying their goals, defining their motives and committing to taking action, with the completed Goal Map becoming the blueprint for future success.

Benefits of Goal Mapping for Business

Benefits of Goal Mapping for Business

After completing the programme the participants will:

  • Understand the importance of setting goals on a regular basis
  • Empower personal beliefs
  • Learn how to condition their subconscious for success
  • Experience the power of creative visualization
  • Identify their areas of excellence
  • Be more focused, inspired and proactive
  • Create their own personal Goal-Map and action plan for the period ahead

To access the benefits of Goal Mapping profiling for you and your business, I offer both in-house workshops with your team and individual coaching.

Leadership Path Coaching Programme for Leaders and Managers

Goal Mapping is a powerful tool that helps leaders and managers in an organisation to:

  • Focus your personal and institutional vision.
  • Set empowering goals.
  • Achieve personal and collective success.

This is the first step in a series of workshops for managers followed by small-group and individual, 1:1 coaching sessions.

Team Goal Mapping – The Goal Mapping “Success Workshop”

Goal Mapping is an ideal tool for teams to work

While Goal Mapping is available in a wide variety of formats, the most popular approach employed by businesses is the “Success Workshop”. This one-day course focuses on helping people learn how to steer change towards the direction of their desires, through the process and technology of Goal Mapping.

Participants will learn through brief lecture sessions, skill practices, interactive work and fully illustrated workbooks. At the end of a stimulating day that takes you through 7 thought-provoking Steps of Goal Mapping, you will have your own inspiring personal or business Goal Map, with visual set goals and identified realistic steps to achieve them, ready to take action and turn your dreams into reality.

Enhanced Integration and Performance
Following the Team Goal Mapping Success Workshop, I recommend additional steps for Enhanced Integration and Performance.
For example, you may wish to include half day follow up sessions or coaching sessions with key individuals on a 1:1 basis or in small groups – whatever works best for you!