executive coaching

In the business world success depends on the ability of people to excel and operate to their full potential


Coaching can help those people who are:

  • Building a business
  • Managing a busy team
  • In any business feeling overwhelmed under the stress and pressure of the job

Coaching is a practical, dynamic and highly productive process that focuses on setting powerful and clearly targeted goals, taking action and achieving results. It is a powerful way to unlock the potential of your most valuable business assets: you and your people.
At Ithaca Global Coaching Academy we offer coaching programmes for leaders and managers and team-building workshops.

Executive Coaching for Leaders and Managers

The Executive Coaching programme helps people to develop the empowering mindsets, winning attitudes and effective habits that create individual, team and organisational success.

In these fast-moving times, the most successful organisations are those that are purpose-driven and principle-led – and which, through genuine care, develop their people into authentic leaders. The qualities of an authentic leader help him/her to produce successful teams, successful departments, successful cultures and successful organisations.

Through coaching interventions and coaching skills training for leaders and managers, I can help you focus on current and future achievements in a way that builds awareness of strengths, establishes personal responsibility and results in behaviour change that impacts the bottom-line.


  • Enhance personal impact and performance
  • Identify and focus on your and your team’s strengths, skills, assets and develop your individual and collective potential
  • Boost team and individual performance based on an improved understanding of each other’s character traits, thinking and working styles, and motivation triggers
  • Identify your most important business priorities and keep them in focus
  • Set realistic and empowering goals for your business and work methodically to achieve them
  • Improve your time management and eliminate procrastination
  • Increase motivation and productivity
  • Deal effectively with conflict in the workplace and improve relationships
  • Acquire tools, support and structure to accomplish more with your team in your business or company
  • Understand your customers and what really motivates them
  • Prepare for role or career changes – “Career Transition Coaching”

How I can help you

I use a number of tools to get you the best results including NLP, Goal Mapping and DISC Personality Profiling.

Training Workshops designed for managers and leaders help you learn techniques, tools and approaches to motivate and empower their staff, boost team morale, so they can improve relationship issues and collegiality and reach even higher targets.

Eva Mantzourani


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