Coach and NLP trainer Dr Eva Mantzourani

teacher training coaching programmes

Programme 1: Coaching for Success in Education

Teachers have the power to influence young minds and learners of all ages. They have the capacity to inspire, motivate, engage, and create tenacious and enthusiastic learners every day of their lives.

The Teacher Training in Coaching Programmes enable teachers not only to improve their own teaching strategies, but also help their students
to unlock their potential and maximise their performance.

Teachers will learn techniques and tools that they can use in the classroom to get the best out of the students, facilitate their learning and adapt their teaching approach according to the students’ individual learning styles. This will enable them to build confidence and self-belief in their abilities and improve academic results and positive social interaction within and outside the school.

The coaching programmes can be delivered over four, two-day training sessions, over a six-month period. Or each programme can be reduced and offered as a package over 5 days. Also, they could be adapted to suit the individual needs of the teachers or the school.
Indicative content of the programme includes the following:

  • Basic Principles of Coaching
  • Life Coaching Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Setting Goals
  • Values and Beliefs
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Career Concerns

Programme 2: Coaching with NLP for Teachers

This is a practical, activities-based programme, predominantly using NLP tools and techniques. The thematic units might include:

  • Classroom activities
  • Emotional and social literacy with children/pupils
  • Stagecraft and presentation skills for teachers and trainers
  • Personal development and effectiveness for teachers
  • Leading with NLP (optional – or offered to school leaders and managers)


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