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School Coaching for Teachers

As a qualified coach in both ‘Personal Performance’ and ‘Coaching in Education’, and a teacher and lecturer with over 33-years-teaching experience, I am able to guide and support teachers and other educators towards their professional development.

I use a number of tools to get you the best results including NLP, Goal Mapping, DISC Personality Profiling for children/students and DISC Personality Profiling for adults.
But you are in the driving seat and you will choose what works best for you.

1:1 Coaching for Educators

In my 1:1 coaching programme, you will be supported to improve your classroom performance, so you can be a highly effective teacher, and to achieve your personal and career goals.
Depending on individual needs, areas we may cover include:

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Goal setting
  • Limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging
  • Work-related stress and anxiety
  • Confidence boosting
  • Career change, promotion and continual professional development
  • Work/life balance

Coaching for Students

Coaching helps students to discover and learn many things about themselves, their strengths and values, establish solution-building skills, identify how to overcome obstacles, focus on decision-making skills, learn how to set realistic goals, boost self-confidence, improve communication.

In particular, coaching empowers you to:

  • Take an active role in your educational journey
  • Identify and objectively assess obstacles to your success and how to overcome them
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve motivation, time management and organizational skills
  • Stop procrastination and self-sabotaging tactics
  • Prepare for exams and reduce anxiety
  • Deal effectively with fear and phobias
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Deal with anger and conflict management
  • Increase your confidence and resilience
  • Establish a good balance between academic/school work and social activities
  • For international students, understand cultural differences, and help you to adjust to British life

Academic Coaching for Students

Academic Coaching for students has been designed to help you develop positive life and academic skills. It enables you to examine your academic concerns and perceived barriers to success, and to improve good habits, skills and academic performance. In particular, you will be able to:

  • Set achievable goals
  • Discover your learning style and understand how best to learn at school
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence and useful study skills
  • Improve good habits and your academic performance
  • Increase motivation and overcome procrastination
  • Improve your time management and organization
  • Boost resilience and self-confidence
  • Learn strategies to deal with stress and performance anxiety
  • Develop strategies to handle grades, exams and the university application process
  • Be proactive and exercise personal leadership


  • Identifying and understanding the students’ thinking, learning and motivational styles, and the ways they impact their lives and academic progress
  • Developing core life skills, such as: learning how to take steps towards clear and empowering goals; managing stress; identifying and changing perspectives; aligning values with an action plan; developing a proactive role in building powerful relationships
  • Developing powerful communication skills and personal leadership: Learning to formulate effective mission statements, design personal leadership projects, communicate effectively and persuasively, and conduct effective interviews
  • Focusing on the actual process of learning and developing both core academic skills (such as: the ability to create context and add meaning to class material; memory strategies; critical thinking), and executive functioning skills – study skills (such as: maintaining a positive relationship with the teachers and fellow students; keeping track of assignments; maintaining motivation; note taking; creating clarity, focusing and following through)

“We thank you warmly for your willingness to deliver two, five-hour each, workshops on “Good practices for the empowerment of the teachers and the improvement of relationships within the classroom”, which took place at the Secondary School of Agia Paraskevi in Athens.
The workshops were co-organized by various educational bodies and it was attended by more than 130 school teachers. You excellently covered the theoretical framework of coaching and highlighted its benefits to the teachers and students.

The choice of topics (‘Communication and development of the teachers’ communication skills’; ‘Self-awareness’; and ‘Goal Setting’) was highly apt and met the expectations of the participating teachers, who attended with great attention the two workshops. You created a very positive impression with the presentation of a number of useful activities and tools that the participants can use in their daily educational process.

The organizing committee warmly thanks you for your excellent presentation and your great contribution to the success of the workshops. We hope to have the ability to work with you at further training events.”

Dr Niki-Nikoletta Evelpidou
Director of the 2nd Regional Training Centre of Athens

Coaching with M.A.G.I.C. for young people


This is a bespoke self-development programme for young people and students. The MAGIC programme provides an opportunity for young people to explore and enhance their own development, and to develop a wide range of crucial life skills that they can use immediately and throughout their lives


  • Motivation
  • Assertiveness
  • Goal Achievement
  • Initiative
  • Confident Communication


  • Assist young people of all academic abilities to release their true potential
  • Complement formal education and learning
  • Have a positive impact on young people and society as a whole
  • Encourage citizenship within school and community environments
  • Explore self-development
  • Help young people increase their self-esteem, self-awareness, goal achievement
  • Encourage the qualities in young people that make them highly employable

Create partnerships with corporate bodies


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