goal mapping in education


It is a tried, tested, proven and popular method for setting and achieving goals in any area of life, and in any endeavour, either individually or collectively. Utilizing a powerful and unique combination of words and pictures to activate both the left and right brain, Goal mapping stimulates whole-brain activity, communicates clearly to the subconscious, and harnesses the intrinsic aspects necessary for any kind of conscious, intended success. The ‘7 Steps of Goal Mapping’ guides the user to success through consideration of ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘when’, ‘how’, and ‘who’ will move you forwards.

It takes each person through the process of identifying their goals, defining their motives and committing to taking action, with the completed Goal Map becoming the blueprint for future success.

Goal mapping for students

Swedish Goal Mapping students

The idea here is to unlock the students’ potential and help them achieve their best results by activating the whole of their brain through the use of words and pictures.

Over 1 million students – from primary through to university – in 12 countries have created Goal Maps to help them gain greater grades, improve their lives and aim for a brighter future. Many young people find that mapping their goals gives them a tool to make their dreams a reality. For others it is a tool that inspires them to consider what their hopes and dreams actually are.

In all instances, students gain a skill that is different to anything taught within the National Curriculum. At the same time, Goal Mapping complements and supports a student’s academic endeavours as it is designed to unlock their potential and help them achieve their best results.



This Goal Mapping Programme, The 7 Magic Keys for Success, has been specifically designed to help students learn the life-long skill of raising aspirations, setting expectations, and attaining goals. The programme is in two main parts:

  • Part One – 7 Magic Keys for Success teaches 7 universal principles of success that act as the foundations for the Goal Mapping technique
  • Part Two – 7 Steps of Goal Mapping is divided into three sections: 7 universal rules for goal setting; 7 questions to help the student become clear about what they want; and the 7 steps for creating a Goal Map

Together, both parts of the system work to help children create a Goal Map of what they want to achieve. Crucially, it also helps them understand why they want it, how they are going to achieve it, and who they will require help from. The aim of this programme is to:

  • Communicate the importance of setting regular goals
  • Share the universal laws of success as an approach to living life
  • Help build self-belief and genuine confidence
  • Teach and practice the technique of mapping goals


The Teacher Training Programme for The 7 Magic Keys for Success has been designed to support teachers in sharing the Goal Mapping system.

It is delivered in the form of a workshop and it comprises two parts of the Goal Mapping Process.

  • Part One outlines the success philosophy of positive thinking, self-motivation and personal responsibility which form the foundations of Goal Mapping
  • Part Two explains the process involved in creating a Goal Map


Goal Mapping for Business
  • Mapping goals for children and students
  • Mapping goals for a class – Goal Mapping Workshops for up to 60 children
  • Mapping goals for school leadership

Delivery options

Students: I offer Goal Mapping for children and students on a 1:1 individual coaching programme. Also, I offer school workshops delivered to small groups of students at school.

Teachers: There are two main options for delivering the Teacher Training workshop:

Option 1 – Knowledge: A half-day workshop (3 x 60min sessions) covering The 7 Magic Keys for Success with exercises to help the students integrate key learning points, plus an explanation of the 7 Steps of Goal Mapping, leading to the creation of a Goal Map. This is ideal as a freestanding session for the start of the term or a new course.

Option 2 – Wisdom: A comprehensive 9-week course (9 X 60min sessions) designed for deeper internalisation of the success principles contained in The 7 Magic Keys for Success, and an ongoing application of the Goal Mapping technique for achievement in various areas of life.
This option takes the student on a journey of understanding, leading to learning key life skills and developing the conscious habit of goal setting through first-hand experience. It can be run in conjunction with any course, and ideally integrated as part of Personal Health and Social Education (PHSE).

In all cases I provide the appropriate, easy-to-follow teacher workbooks and student workbooks. Students and the teachers come along armed with curiosity, enthusiasm and with their own coloured pens and pencils!


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