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coaching in education

For Whom

Coaching in Education has been designed for education professionals, including:

  • Teachers and other educators
  • Secondary school students
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • PhD and post-doctoral scholars
  • Early- mid-career and established academics
  • Portfolio career academics
  • Independent researchers and academic writers
  • International academics and education professionals facing cultural and workplace challenges
  • Academics in transition or leaving academia (voluntarily or otherwise)
Eva Mantzourani NLP coach
Eva Mantzourani of Ithaca Global Coaching Academy training a class in NLP

Whether you are a teacher, a lecturer, an independent scholar or a student, at Ithaca Global Coaching Academy we can help you, inspire you, and support you in your journey to improve your academic work, develop your career and improve your life situation.

As a result of my long experience in various educational sectors in the UK and abroad as a student, educator, manager, researcher and author, I have designed several coaching in education programmes, each focusing on the needs of a particular demographic and addressing specific issues related to working and living in the world of education.

I use a number of tools to get you the best results, including NLP, Goal Mapping for Personal Development, Goal Mapping in Education, Goal Mapping for Business and DISC Personality Profiling.

I also offer educational seminars and workshops on various topics related to Coaching in Education.



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Dr Eva Mantzourani presented in an excellent fashion the theoretical frameworks relating to coaching, mentoring, tutoring and consulting, and showed how they can be implemented in the educational process.

In the workshop, she provided practical tools that can be used by teachers in their daily practice.


I offer bespoke coaching programmes for educators and students in universities and schools including:

  • Academic Life and Career Development Coaching for Educators and Trainers
  • Academic Life Coaching for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Mature Students and Doctoral Scholars
  • Writing Project / Dissertation Coaching
  • Learning Styles and Study Skills Coaching
  • Coaching for Students
  • Coaching with M.A.G.I.C. for young people
  • Exams / Performance Anxiety coaching



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