One of the things your inner critic will tell you to keep you from moving forward with your dreams, your goals, and your best life is this…

You will get hurt.

I wish I could tell you that this is another lie concocted to keep you mediocre…but I can’t. The fact is, you may actually get hurt. You might accrue a few bumps and bruises, and they may sting a bit. 

But guess what…

You will heal.

The Rebel Within wants you to feel vulnerable and weak. It wants you to believe that you’re a fragile little thing in need of its protection. THAT, my friend, is the lie. You are not weak. You are mighty and strong. 

From the moment of your birth you’ve incurred injuries, accidents, slaps, spankings, cuts, contusions and more. 

And you’ve healed from every one of them. 

In fact, with each of those injuries, you’ve grown stronger and more intelligent. Wiser. More alert and nimble. 

Every one of those scars, both inside and out, is a badge of honour. Every mark you bear tells you and the rest of the world that you’re a fighter. You’re not afraid to push the envelope, test your mettle and try new things. You’re courageous and able to hold your own on the battlefields you find as you pursue your passions. 

The part of you that you use to create and move beautifully in the world can never be wounded. Your deep well of dreams and fire and innovative ideas only grows stronger with each lick from the outside world. 

Rather than avoiding the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune, go seeking your badges of honour. Throw yourself into your work, knowing full well that you’re liable to hit a wall or two. Rise up a little higher, knowing that people will take shots at those who stand out. You’re not weak. There’s nothing to fear. You were forged in the fires of passion, made of the same molecules as lions and iron.

You can do this.

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