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I feel very happy and blessed after the successful completion of the Licensed Practitioner of NLP program I attended in Athens, through the ‘Ithaca Global Coaching Academy’. Words are not enough to explain all the emotions I felt through this journey of self-knowledge, renegotiation and self-empowerment.

I want to thank my teacher Eva Mantzourani for her knowledge, experience and understanding, her ability to approach difficult and sometimes hurtful issues in a gentle and positive way, and for helping me to find the power within to get unstuck and move forward.

Thank you Eva for all the effort you’ve made to ensure that we’ve learned, for being so open and for giving us so much during our six-month attendance at the online and experiential seminars!

I am blessed to have met you and all the participants with whom I’ve shared such a beautiful and creative journey of change!

Efi Konstantinidou

Civil Servant and Coach

It’s a great honour for me to work with Dr. Eva as a co-trainer in seminars. As a trainer, Dr. Eva’s knowledge and technique of training makes things simple and easy to understand and implement. Her ability to connect with the students, is a unique ability, to observe & learn. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Dr.Anil Sureen (MD, Medicine)

Licensed NLP Trainer, ICF-PCC, EMCC-EIA-SP, Advanced HOGAN Practitioner

I just wanted to reach out and tell you that you were absolutely amazing at the NLP seminars in Dubai, and it was a joy to learn from you. I was absolutely in awe of the way you teach. I thank you for giving us so much!

Swaruti Tamang

Psychologist, Yoga instructor, India

I trained with Eva Mantzourani for my Licensed NLP Practitioner Certification. I was thoroughly impressed with her training style, her knowledge of NLP and her presentation skills. Eva is a wonderful, conscientious and thorough trainer with & very charming personality. I highly recommend her as a trainer and a mentor.

Dr. Ayat Mekki

Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Eva has proved to be a highly effective coach during our sessions. She managed them very effectively and also provided some great material for me to work on. I found these both challenging and rewarding. I was taken from my comfort zone and my self-limiting beliefs and this had an immediate impact on my own development. I am more confident and able to face the unfamiliar with a positive attitude. I would highly recommend engaging with Eva in a coaching relationship. The outcome has certainly changed my life for the better.

Sue Glue

Recovery Coach

I had the opportunity to be a student in one of the coaching seminars which Eva Mantzourani teaches. I am an entrepreneur since 2003 and all these years I have attended several seminars as a student and as a teacher also. The seminar with Eva Mantzourani was one of the most useful seminars that I have watched in my life! That seminar helped me to find a way to achieve my goals and realize the meaning of making changes in some fields of my life! Eva Mantzourani is not just a great teacher but a wonderful personality!

Chris Dimitrakopoulos

Musician and Entrepreneur

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Eva Mantzourani during my Licensed NLP Practitioner Course, where she was one of the trainers.

From the start, it was clear that we had a trainer who was professional, friendly and approachable, with a full knowledge of the subjects we were going to learn during the 7 days of training. Also, the quick and sagacious way Eva accessed the audience in front of her, allowed her to adjust the contents according to the audiences’ own pace and timing, without that compromising her training approach and planning.

Certainly as a result of her background in teaching, she easily delivered the more theoretical topics in a very engaging way, making simple some aspects that seemed more complex (which only comes to show her great communication skills), in a way everyone felt comfortable to ask any questions, and when the time came to do practical exercises, her coaching skills were self-evident.

Tânia Bessa Machado

NLP Practitioner

The Licensed NLP Practitioner program at ‘Ithaca Global Coaching Academy’ gave me the opportunity to further my education, and provided me not only with an internationally recognised qualification but more importantly with the tools and knowledge to excel personally and professionally.

The trainer of the program Dr. Eva Mantzourani was exceptional, able to push my colleagues and myself beyond the boundaries of our usual thought processes and to guide us through a wide selection of demanding and exciting topics and material. Eva made the lessons comprehensive and exciting, providing us with a plethora of examples, while she went the extra mile in order to clarify and recapitulate the theories and the techniques in meticulous detail.

I consider Eva to be an ardent professional, an enthusiastic teacher, a fervent and approachable tutor–coach, who never failed to make lessons appealing and useful, going beyond the requirements of the programme. She is friendly, helpful, devoted to her students, eager to be of great assistance and give us constructive feedback towards any inquires we may have had; she encouraged us to try and do our best.

I consider myself to be fortunate, due to the fact that I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Eva Mantzourani in a professional setting, and I look forward to having our paths cross once again on any other potential project that the future might bring through the ‘Ithaca Global Coaching Academy’.

Maria Peristeri

English Teacher

Eva is a thoughtful, patient and thorough coach. She encourages and gives me the time to explore things thoroughly, giving me the time to think things through, and realise what is really important to me. With Eva’s help I was able to get on with things, and also to be aware of what I was achieving as I checked in with myself and acknowledged my successes.

This has resulted in an increase with my self-esteem and confidence. I am also more focused on what I need to do to further my own business plans and I have increased motivation to plough on with all that needs doing. I have already been more productive while working with Eva, evaluating with what still needs doing and how and when to approach it. On the whole I am more self-aware, checking in with myself and evaluating myself and my progress more. This is all thanks to Eva!

Jane of Northolt

The 8 sessions with Eva were extremely valuable. They helped me to gradually build the necessary confidence, which has enabled me to effectively plan the growth of my coaching business. I was able to focus on my goals week after week. Her listening and questioning skills have provided me with great support and insights into my unknown capabilities, plus strengths and weaknesses. I was able to set up a valuable action plan that I am still using to achieve my main goal. She provided me with the necessary support I needed at this stage of my life. Thanks to Eva’s coaching style and our good relationship, I felt more comfortable, I could reflect upon myself and I was able to focus on tangible actions.

Xavier Baby

Programme Management Consultant in Health Education, and Performance Management Coach

Before the six sessions I had with Eva I was stuck, lost and struggled to find a way forward. Over the three months of our sessions together, Eva helped me to get positive energy flowing during the sessions as we talked over my strengths and abilities and the various options I had to utilise those abilities, and through the small tasks and exercises between sessions (e.g. positive affirmations). With her friendly, professional, focused and gentle guidance she helped me to separate what I want from what I thought I should do and what others think I should do. There is way to go, I know, but I feel there is some clarity with which to build some longer-term goals. Thank you Eva.

Chris Wyatt


Once again, thank you so much for your sessions – I found them very useful and enjoyable. You helped me to look at things from a new perspective and gain an insight into the way I was thinking.”​ – “Thank you so much for such a fantastic coaching session yesterday – it is having a massive impact on me and has really clarified a lot of my thoughts. I feel so re-motivated and re-energized, I cannot thank you enough!

Shaun Humphries

Music Tutor, Coach

Eva has always been available to help whatever the issue with my work. She is flexible and always has an idea for the way forward. I believe relationship to be the most important part of mentoring and indeed any learning experience. I will always be indebted to Eva for her support and her guidance.

Mark Wraith

Retired professional dancer, researcher and academic

Dr Eva Mantzourani presented a scientific seminar “Coaching – Mentoring” to 107 School Counsellors and educators at the Regional Prefecture of Primary & Secondary Education of Central Macedonia (Greece) (Thessaloniki on 3 March 2017). The seminar was exceptional as to its content and presentation, and it corresponded to the needs of educators (Counsellors, Principals and teachers) in the Greek Educational system. Dr Mantzourani presented with rhetorical fluency, and in a very direct way, the theory behind the terms ‘Coaching’, ‘Mentoring’ and other related terms as well as their application in the educational system.

The seminar was successful, and the participants’ comments were very positive; there is a great demand for a repetition of the seminar for all those educators / teachers who were not able to attend it. The Regional Prefecture of Primary and Secondary Education of Central Macedonia would like to express their gratitude to Dr Eva Mantzourani for her excellent presentation.

Dr Konstantinos Keramidas

Head of Department of Scientific and Pedagogical Guidance of the Regional Prefecture of Primary & Secondary Education of Central Macedonia, Greece

Dr Eva Mantzourani had a two-hour presentation on “Coaching and guidance in the educational process” and a three-hour workshop on “Skills guidance and best practices to strengthen the individual and relationships”, at the conference «Τρόποι συμβουλευτικής υποστήριξης μαθητών και δράσεις βελτίωσης του σχολικού κλίματος» (Ways of student counselling and support and actions to improve the school climate) (Chalkida – Greece, 08.03.2017).

The talk and workshop were attended by a large number of secondary school teachers, headmasters and counsellors from the prefectures of Evia and Attica, and, via Live streaming, by interested teachers in 600 schools from other parts of Greece. Dr Eva Mantzourani presented in an excellent fashion the theoretical frameworks relating to coaching, mentoring, tutoring and consulting, and showed how they can be implemented in the educational process.

In the workshop, she provided practical tools that can be used by teachers in their daily practice. The participating teachers were enthusiastic and asked the organizing committee to organize similar talks and workshops of this nature, and invited Dr Mantzourani to return shortly. The organizing committee thanked Dr Mantzourani for her excellent presentation and great contribution to the success of the conference.

Dr Anna Siganou

Educational Counsellor of English Language in the prefectures of Evia and B’ Athens – Attica

I had recently the opportunity to invite Dr Mantzourani as the key note speaker at a main event that took place in Chalkis, HELLAS and involved educators from several vocational schools of Chalkis and Athens. Dr Mantzourani presented in a very accurate and professional manner the topics of mentoring and coaching within school environment and led a workshop for educators in secondary education. I’m looking forward to work again soon with Dr Mantzourani, since her ability of communication reaches top levels of efficiency not to mention her skills of accuracy and effectiveness!!

Stam Pittas, Ba, MA,

Social Worker, KE.D.D.Y. of Evia

The six coaching sessions with Eva have changed the way I approach my work. They were quite effective, and I would consider returning to coaching, and, as Eva has been very supportive and focused, I would opt for more sessions with her. Eva’s technique was a motivating and encouraging one. I hope that in the future I can explore this further with her. Overall, I would definitely recommend Eva as a devoted, supportive, and effective coach.

Dr Dimitris Exarchos

Associate Lecturer in Music, Goldsmiths, University of London

I attended the Licensed Practitioner of NLP training program at ‘Ithaca Global Coaching Academy’, delivered by Eva Mantzourani and I highly recommend it!

The program combined academic theoretical training and experiential and reflective practice of NLP techniques and methods. The manual shared with us is academically written, and a complete NLP book! The program helped me build skills and deepen myself to understand and discover new possibilities of the mind!

The instructor, Eva Mantzourani, is full of passion, energy, generosity, communicability and knowledge! Eva has been by our side throughout the program (and still is) to support us, inspire us, transmit knowledge to us tirelessly, to understand and respect the diversity of each one of us, with all the skills of a true coach! Thank you Eva!

Nana Sigouna

Lawyer and Life Coach

The Licensed Practitioner of NLP at ‘Ithaca Global Academy’ was a great program! I was quite happy with what I learned, but certainly Dr. Eva Mantzourani played a very important role in this! She is a wonderful and riveting teacher, explaining everything to you exactly the way you want it, so it’s easy to understand! I am very happy, and I feel blessed that Eva was in my path to teach me and share with me the tools and techniques of NLP! Many thanks to Eva and ‘Ithaca Global Coaching Academy’!

Dimitris Kalantzis

Film maker and Motivator

Eva is a great teacher and mentor. I highly recommend her tutoring and commitment to her students. I hope many people apply to her for coaching so that they can benefit from her help and friendship.

Dr Jocelyn Howell

Musician, post-doc researcher at City University London

Dr Eva Mantzourani delivered a Training Seminar on “Coaching and Mentoring in Education”, organized by the Department of Pastoral and Social Theology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on Tuesday, 5 December 2017. She presented issues related to both the theoretical starting points and the practical applications of coaching and mentoring, and the emergence of the role of advisory guidance in education and the teaching process.

Based on the evaluation of the seminar by the participants, the material was thorough and comprehensive. Dr Mantzourani successfully gave an accessible, pleasant, and comprehensible presentation, rich in experience and inspiring in its tools and applications.

Professor Heracles Rerakis

Head of the Department of Pastoral and Social Theology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

The experience of the Licensed NLP Practitioner programme at ‘Ithaca Global Coaching Academy’ was fantastic. Following the online seminars, the programme ended with experiential sessions, which were the icing on the cake. Guided by Eva Mantzourani, a specialist professional in the field of NLP, we received an incredible amount of information; we learned how people work at a conscious and unconscious level, and the magic of NLP. Both the online and the in-person seminars gave us the opportunity to meet remarkable people, and Eva showed us how to improve ourselves and others.

Eva is a remarkable person, who makes each seminar a pleasure to attend. She is a person who has a lot of love inside her and loves to share it with her fellow human beings. She loves NLP and is passionate about the idea of passing on her knowledge to others.
So, I embarked on a magical journey, which I don’t think I will ever leave behind me. The only thing I can say to Eva is: ‘Thank you Eva! My warm congratulations for the knowledge you provide to the world, DO NOT STOP!

Stelios Alexakis

Life Coach

Eva Mantzourani was one of my music lecturers when I was studying for my degree. I count myself lucky to have had her inspirational guidance. Here’s her new business page, any academics should take a look.

Pete Farrugia

Musician and Music Educator

I attended the seminars for NLP Practitioner programme with Dr. Eva Mantzourani. The programme combined theoretical and practical modules, and I understood the power of NLP through the application of the exercises and personal experience.

My teacher, Eva, is the person who made me believe in NLP even more with her patience, positive aura and contagious enthusiasm. I want to become an NLP practitioner, so that I can help as many people as I can in the difficult times we are going through, so that we can see every obstacle as an experience given to us to become better people, more positive and wiser. Thank you Eva for this experience!

Elisavet Papadaniil

Marketing Business Administrator

Dear Dr Mantzourani, on the occasion of our recent cooperation, we warmly thank you for your participation as a rapporteur in the four-hour training workshop on “Good Practices for Empowering the Teacher and School Relations: The  Coaching Perspective”, which took place on Monday 12 February 2018, at the 3rd EPAL of the Sivitanidios School in Athens.

The seminar was co-organized by the School Advisors, based in Piraeus, and it was attended by teachers of various schools, the majority of whom teach in secondary vocational education (EPAL). At the seminar, you presented with great clarity the possibilities and the limits of coaching in the wider theoretical framework of counselling in education.

You discussed the fundamental personal skills required to achieve a goal, such as self-knowledge, empathy, active listening, targeting etc., and presented techniques and tools of practical nature to support them. A very positive impression was created by the supporting educational material you courteously gave to the participants, including useful activities that can be used in the daily educational process.

The interactive character of the workshop contributed to the acquaintance and cooperation of the participants and opened the way for the creation of a community of exchange of relevant knowledge and experience. It is worth noting that many teachers have expressed the desire to repeat similar training seminars. The Piraeus Secondary School Advisors are glad to warmly thank you for your excellent presentation and your great contribution to the success of the workshop. We hope to be able to work with you in subsequent events.

Dr Konstantinos Stefanidis

Co-ordinator of the Piraeus Secondary School Advisors

Attending the Licensed NLP Practitioner programme at ‘Ithaca Global Coaching Academy’ has been a wonderful journey in learning NLP. I feel very lucky for receiving rich, high quality learning material from our teacher Eva Mantzourani, who, thanks to her talented communication, presented it in a superb and understandable way. Eva is extremely professional towards all of her students, and with her beauty and guidance united us all together, as if we had known each other for a long time.

I feel deep gratitude to Eva Mantzourani for inspiring me to use NLP in order to help other people, to communicate with great success, and parallel to my music teaching, for making a new start in my professional life. Thank you Eva!

Maria Kotroni

Music Teacher, Music Conservatoire owner

Eva is a uniquely gifted individual who has exceptional interest in people. She brings an enormous amount of energy to the coaching sessions. Through her understanding of the nature of human relationships, the importance of communication, community, social engagement, realistic goal setting and moving toward one’s dream, she helped me refocus on what is important to me, to my balance and how to prioritise my actions to get most of my day, workload and preparation for each step of my journey goals. It has been a pleasure to have found not only a coach but a sounding board.

Sheraze Imene Benbakir

Healthcare Consultant and Clinical Research Co-ordinator

Mantzourani, stood up to the circumstances and taught the programme effectively and successfully to a diverse cohort of participants! The patience and determination she showed me throughout the program won me over. She practiced NLP by teaching us.

Charilaos Kotsinis

Certified Negotiator and Public Speaker

I’ve completed ‘Ithaca Global Coaching Academy’s’ Licensed NLP Practitioner programme in Athens. The trainer, Eva Mantzourani, is an inspiring, calm and patient teacher, a generous and truthful person. She offered us an insightful approach to NLP methodology – an approach that gave us the opportunity to practise and expand our knowledge of Coaching and NLP.

Vicky Vazoura

English teacher and Life Coach

We thank you warmly for your willingness to deliver two, five-hour each, workshops on “Good practices for the empowerment of the teachers and the improvement of relationships within the classroom”, which took place on 9 and 10 February 2018 at the 3rd Secondary School of Agia Paraskevi in Athens.

The workshops were co-organized by various educational bodies (the 2nd P.E.C. of Athens, the School Advisors based in the Second District of Athens, and School Advisors based in East Attica) and it was attended by more than 130 school teachers. You excellently covered the theoretical framework of coaching and highlighted its benefits to the teachers and students.

The choice of topics (‘Communication and development of the teachers’ communication skills’; ‘Self-awareness’; and ‘ Goal Setting’) was highly apt and met the expectations of the participating teachers, who attended with great attention the two workshops. You created a very positive impression with the presentation of a number of useful activities and tools that the participants can use in their daily educational process.

It is worth noting that many teachers have expressed the desire to repeat similar events. The organizing committee warmly thanks you for your excellent presentation and your great contribution to the success of the workshops. We hope to have the ability to work with you at further training events. With sincere appreciation. On behalf of the organizing committee.

Dr Niki-Nikoletta Evelpidou

Director of the 2nd Regional Training Centre of Athens